Sometimes you are just like TV.

So unfortunately I didn't get to work on anything this weekend. *Single tear runs down Jennifer's face.* On the other hand, I had a good weekend at my parents place in Greenwood. And that's including the accident that occurred during a game of catch with my Dad. The following facebook conversation between Lamb and I, will explain.

Jennifer - is watching Shaun of the Dead. Rad.

Lamb likes this.

Jennifer - Sadly it is now over.
PS. I got whacked in the head with a baseball today. The stitching on the baseball left an awesome mark on my head.

Lamb - Sometimes you are just like TV. ♥

Awesome, right? And it was in the same spot as my sledding accident earlier this year.

No, this isn't my sledding accident. It wasn't captured on film or video and I thank my lucky stars for that because the video/photo would have gone viral by now. Instead the picture is of Brady's awesome face plant after trying to snowboard down a toboggan on the same day (as my accident). Awesome.

Oh, and I totally came across some of the most awesome polymer clay pieces I have ever seen. Holy bananas. I had posted a couple of pictures on my flickr account earlier this evening and someone commented on one of them. I went to their site and was amaaaaazed by the work that they do. I only hope one day I can get half as good with polymer clay as they do. For real. Check them out. SRLSY.

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  1. Next time use your glove not your head to catch the ball :-)

  2. Shush, lady!

    At least I know how to throw a ball. That cannot be said for all of your children.

  3. oh snap!...you said Greg throws like a girl

  4. Well he did try out for the baseball team in junior high but only ended up being the manager of the team.
    I on the other hand, made every single sports team I tried out for - soccer, volleyball and basketball. I am the closest thing to a son that my mother had.

  5. heheh.....very true Jennifer!