Starling, sweet starling.

I made some bags. I've actually made a tonne of bags but they are all in different stages completeness. Most are like 90% done - add handle or maybe a liner, embellishment, that sort of thing. I know I should finish one project before I start another one but it's not the way I operate. I get bored easily. When I start working on a project for a couple days in a row, I tend to put it down and work on something else for a bit. Below are three bags that I made from futuregirl's Starling handbag pattern that I pattern tested for her back in the spring. Loves.

Now this one I sorta, technically made for my sister. And then I sorta started using it so I'm keeping it for myself. Sorry Beck, I'm sure I'll make something to replace it. Promises.

The reason I kept it was because of the fabric inside. I sooooo love this fabric.

I like this one, it's a little more reserved.

It's even classy on the inside.

This one I made on the 6 hour train ride I took from Halifax to Miramichi a couple weeks ago when I went to go visit my parents and check our their new house (which is awesome by the way). I think I ended up making three or four bags that weekend. My wrists were burning by the end of it. Burning.

I think I might use this fabric again for another bag but one in white or black. Ooooh, black, yeah, black. Now I just need to find some black cotton yarn in Halifax. I swear, I can't find it anywhere.

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  1. Awesome handbags! All three of them are wonderful! I think my favorite is the brown one with the plaid lining. The sequin embellishments are so cool!

  2. Thanks Alice :)

    Yeah, I like the brown one as well. Hence the reason I didn't end up giving it as a gift as I had planned!