Yay! Long weekend!

So I came down to the Valley to visit my parents on my Memorial Day long weekend. I intended to start a blanket for my mum while I was down and I brought the yarn and my hooks - except for the larger hooks which I didn't realise that I would need for the project. Acks. I still had the urge to create something though. So instead I took a bunch of photos of flowers that are found all over my parents property. Plus, it was an excuse to use the macro setting on my camera. I seriously love the macro setting. I only wish I could use it for everything. But I have a feeling that people would not appreciate me putting a camera half an inch up to their face. Such poor sports.

If you want to check out the rest of the photos click here.

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  1. You can photograph my face on Macro! It will be pore-tastic!

  2. Anonymous00:24

    I LOVE macro as well!!!! Macro BFFS

  3. MEEEE TOOO! On my day off tomorrow, I plan on going down to the public gardens to take some more photos!

  4. Little Sister01:51

    Hmmm!!! I want to use one of those for my background!!!! NICE!!