You're lying if you say you didn't like like this game....

I spent many hours as a kid (or six months ago) spending hours playing Tetris. I love that game to pieces. You can imagine how psyched I was when they put out Tetris Party on WiiWare! So when I came across this yesterday, I totally had to make it! So I did. Super easy and most of the supplies I already had in my ever growing craft stash.

I made my way over to The Loop today after work to see if they had any bag handles for my project. They did! Sadly none that were going to work though...sigh. I guess I really am back to square one. Bah.

I also must state how bummed I am that I am going to miss the Halifax Crafters spring sale. I only just realised that it is this upcoming weekend and I'll be out of town at my parent's place since my sister arrives home on Thursday. Maybe next year. Or maybe I can even be a seller next year! Here's hoping!


  1. Anonymous09:41

    I am so jealous of your craftiness. You do an amazing job on anything you try.

    I added you to my blog roll. :)