Anyone that knows me....

knows I love skulls. I just adore them. I have skull ornaments, skull socks, skull shirts, even a skull shower curtain. So when my friend Woz gave me the Skulls book from Skull-A-Day, I was super stoked. I loved the paint by number skull that was featured in the book and decided I wanted to give it a whirl. I printed it off at home and realised that it was going to be way too small. Then I remembered that we happen to have a 42 inch wide format printer at work. Problem solved. I had one of the boys print it off as large as they could. They used a heavyweight coated paper so that I could apply paint to it without worrying about the paper puckering. To paint it, I actually taped the whole thing down to my coffee table so that I could sit on the couch to work on it. It turned out to be all kinds of rad.

I unfortunately did not get the chance to drop by the yarn store today. I slept in until about 3:30 (I am not ashamed so there is no need to judge me) but unfortunately the province I live in, stores tend to close really early on Sundays so I knew I wouldn't be able to clean myself up and get downtown in time before the store closed. Alas, I'll have to try sometime this week.


  1. Anonymous22:24

    Epic! This girl is so talented. KL

  2. Thank you kindly Mr. Lumsden. You are too kind :-)

    And as I said, I posted this one specifically for you!