OMG! I've finally finished a blanket.

I've tried to crochet a couple of blankets in the past but I've never been able to sit down long enough to finish one. There are a few partially finished blankets in my apartment at the moment and I know that there have been others that I have had to get rid of for some reason (like moving clear across the country) or another. A couple of days ago I was going through a box with a bunch of partially completed projects and I came across a blanket that I had started about a year and a half ago. I figured rather than start something new, I'd finish something old. So two days ago I pulled the project out with the intentions of finishing it AND I DID IT!!!! Insert the sound of a cheering crowd right now. Thank you. I just bowed to the crowd. The pattern was stupid easy. Single crochet rows back and forth and then a couple times around once it was the size that I wanted. I used a huge crochet hook (I think it was a 15mm) so that the blanket would be super airy and light and not heavy. I originally made it because it matches my bedroom colour scheme but more interestingly enough, it matches this website. Not the raddest thing I've made but it works well for it's purpose. Which is to keep me covered yet still keeping me at my preferred body temperature.

I arrived home from work today to find a parcel waiting for me from The Rainbow Room. It was some merino roving that I had purchased a couple of weeks ago! I was super excited for it to arrive because there were a few things I wanted to try out with it. First thing up was making felted beads. Super cute! I am most definitely making more soon.




  2. Thanks Robert! Glad to know I'm not the only one who feels the same way!