What I spent the last two months of 2011 doing!

I can finally post about the Christmas presents I made since the last one has been received by my sister. This year I was ambitious with my gifts. I made not one but two crocheted blankets among all of the smaller items I made for friends.

For my sister Rebecca and her boyfriend Robby, I decided to crochet a ripple blanket. They just moved in together and I thought it would be a nice item to make them for their new place. It was my first time trying a ripple pattern blanket and it was pretty easy once you got the rhythm of the pattern down. I found an easy to follow on Attic24 and it can be found here.

And as much as my sister loves the blanket, I think the cats even loved it more! Any time I was working on it, they seemed to find their way on top of it.


For my Mum's present, I made a pretty basic granny square blanket. It worked up pretty quickly and it contains about 17 different colours. I used the same yarn for both - Lionbrand Home Spun. Once you washed the blanket for the first time, it was so incredibly soft. It was hard parting with either blanket as I just wanted to snuggle up in either one.

And the cats weren't the only ones to like the blankets. Here is a picture of my Dad when he was released from the hospital, snuggled up in the blanket as well.

My Dad had a rough couple of months towards the end of the year. Along with a broken leg and ankle, he was hospitalised with bilateral pulmonary embolism followed by a bout of pneumonia. Luckily he's doing much better now and I cross my fingers that nothing else happens to him. Also, early happy birthday tohim as he turns 51 on Tuesday. Happy Birthday Dad!

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  1. Rebecca19:20

    Yes we do LOVE the blanket, its beautiful and so soft!

  2. we love our blanket too...its a bedroom snuggle blanket for us :-)