Oh man, I'm such a slacker.

Ugh. Seriously, it seems every year I do this. And by this, I mean I completely neglect my site and I get a little slackerish on the crafting. Lots of things have happened since I last updated in March. I moved out of the city and moved into a house in the town of Bedford, Nova Scotia and I got a new job and am now working as a travel counsellor. No more apartment living! No more crappy job where I get no respect or am appreciate for my hard work! Hooray!

The kittens have gotten huge. They are no longer kittens in my eyes but rather small cats. The younger of the two, James, went to a new home last week. The other kitten, Magnets, is staying with me and her mother Vega. As much as I would have liked to have kept both kittens, money is tight and if they had gotten sick at the same time, I wouldn't be able to afford to take care of them. James ended up going to the home of a friend of mine where I know she (yes, she, we got the sex mixed up when she was born but the name James stuck) will be taken very good care of. Plus, when you knit and/or crochet and you have three cats, people start calling you a crazy cat lady. I'd rather avoid that if possible :)

Maggie sitting pretty in my bedroom window. She's totally not a kitten any more!

Baby James relaxing on my bed. I love the little white stripe on her nose :)

Now for some crafts! So I've done a few things. Made a couple of hats, a few pairs of slippers, half a dozen dishcloths, a couple of handbags and a few other small items. My new bedroom happens to have a glass door so I needed to make something to cover it. Today I made a curtain to cover it.



I love this fabric! The purple has a pretty sheen to it and it matches my room perfectly!

Alright, time to sign off. I hope to start posting more often! If not, have a great summer :D

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  1. Lynn21:34

    Oh, the curtain looks really nice. Good choice of fabric and great job! Can't wait to see how the windows turn out!

  2. Thanks Lynn! It was sewed terribly well. There is more ruffle at the top than at the bottom but it works! Although the fabric is a little too sheer so I may have to get some frosty stuff to put in the window panes so no one can see in.