I stabbed a seal into existance and I only bled twice!

My brother has been in town for the last two weeks before he and his girlfriend move to China to teach English. We grabbed a bite to eat downtown yesterday after and while waiting for the bus, we decided to take a peak inside to get out from the cold - and I should make a point to mention that it wasn't really cold, my brother never thought to wear a jacket when he came to pick me up. In this bookstore I came across the cutest book and I had to get it -Little Felted Animals It was too adorable not to buy. Plus, I've been wanting to learn how to properly needle felt and not just needle felt appliqués. There are so many cute little projects to make in this book but I decided to go for what appeared to be the easiest - an adorable little seal.

Needle Felted Seal

Needle Felted Seal

We named him Heinrich.

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