Please ignore the time I am posting this. My sleeping patterns are screeeeewed.

So I started a hat without a pattern and just sorta went for it. I had to take it apart a few times because it was waaaaay too big. I'm getting more comfortable with making up my own patterns as I go. It feels great! Next time I do it, I'll do the beak a little different though. It sits too close to the eyes and can be quite distracting.

Also went out and saw Pirate Radio with my friend Chris tonight despite the fact that I am fighting another head cold. I've almost forgotten what it feels like to be able to breath out of your face! Oh yeah, the movie......I liked it quite a bit. It was cute and I saw like at least a dozen crocheted items in it! Viva la crochet! Plus, it had Nick Frost in it and I heart him. I also tend to like movies that have something directly to do with music which this obviously did. And speaking of music, Chris also burned me a disc with a bunch of music for me to discover. Yay! I love new music day!

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