I'm stuck...

After my sister saw the bag I was making her (post to come later), she wanted a wallet type dealie to match. I've started it but I'm not sure how I want to finish it. Do I line it with fabric or keep it unlined? What about the closure? Snaps? Zipper? Which side should be the outside? The mostly green side (as shown) or the grey side? Ahhhhh! Too many choices!


  1. A button! You add on a strip on the edge that's like 5 stitches wide, leave a button hole, and sew the button to the outside of the wallet. I love how cute buttons are on crochet.

    Are you going to felt this one, too? Is there a need to line it if it's felted? Like will change fall through? I've never felted anything....

    I vote for the green on the outside, because I love green :) I love your color choices!!!!

  2. Buttons are a great idea! And I could make them out of clay so that the colours match. Colour is my thing. I once turned down a free couch (that was nicer than the one I have) because it didn't so with my colour palette.

    No, this one won't be felted only because the yarn I used isn't 100% protein based fibre. If it was felted, there wouldn't be any need for a liner. Felting turns it into a very dense fabric.

    And I am going with the green side. The grey side just looks boring and you don't see the individual stitches as much!

  3. Little Sister00:12

    I can't wait to see it!!!!