Another one in the bag....

I love doing 8-bit designs when I work with polymer clay for one simple reason - it's bloody easy. You simply lay the clay out according to the colour chart and reduce. Not difficult, not even a little bit.

I actually based the skull design on a t-shirt that I saw my cousin wear last week. There were only two colours in the design so it was a snap. I custom blended the darker purple colour as I did not have enough of one any one shade of purple for the whole project. I've learned to pre-blend all the colours and cut all the pieces needed for the project before I actually put it together. When I first started making clay canes, I didn't do this step and it always caused a lot of headaches when I would be half way through a project to only then realise that I did not have enough of a certain colour - and it always tended to be a colour that was custom blended so there was no way to recreate it. I would end up having to scrap the whole project. A waste of time and an even bigger waste of clay (and money).

The project turned out well and was a good way to waste an evening. I've already made a pair of earrings and have the beads completed for a necklace but that will have to wait for another night!

PS. Click here to buy a pair of the earrings!


  1. Little Sister00:03

    Those freaking rock Jennifer!!! You got skills!!!!

  2. Then buy a pair :-P