Let's try this again!

I've been trying to set up a crafting website for literally the past year but I just haven't been motivated to do so. I've been doing tonnes of crafts but sitting down at the computer and working just hasn't quite happened. I figured I'm out of work for the day due to a rather unfortunate cold (I have to brace myself every time I sneeze for fear of passing out). So here we go. I'll try again.

I've recently discovered felting and I find it rather fun. You can take an ordinary item that you've crocheted or knit, throw it in the washing machine and it turns into a completely different item. I started with a small change purse that I crocheted last week with this lovely Peruvian Highland Wool that I picked up at The Loop Craft Café. I am now working on a small bag with the same wool and some different shades of grey wool that I had laying around the house.

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